The ex-pat community transportation challenges
The ex-pat community transportation challenges

Transportation challenges

Nobody knows better than the ex-pat community the transportation challenges spending 1/6 months in our little slice of heaven presents. The common questions that come up are, should I rent a car for part or all of my stay? Should I consider biting the bullet and buy a car?

Well, if you have surfed the rental car offerings probably your first reaction will be WHAT, OMG! The pandemic forced car rental companies to adjust their fleet size. The global chip shortage forced manufacturers to reduce their production. Supply and demand have had a dramatic effect on this space.

Buying a car in our area comes with all the usual challenges, plus. It is time-consuming and at times can be confusing. The Wild, Wild West comes to mind. If this is the route you choose be cautious, very cautious. Storage can be an issue for some. Long-term parking on or near the beach comes with its own set of challenges. The sea spray with accompanying salt is very hard on all pieces of our modern automobiles.

The E-Zee Bikes Ixtapa guys are pleased to offer you an alternative to help with your transportation issues. Renting an E-Bike for the length of your stay is an affordable fun option. No expensive fuel, no parking hassles, and no outrageous insurance costs. Oh, have we mentioned they are a lot of fun as well?

If this is something that may be of interest to you a quick E-mail will start the process. Due to high demand, we suggest booking your bike ASAP. on an E-Zee bike, we FINISH STRONG!