The face of the E-bike world is changing again

The team at E-ZEE Bikes Ixtapa/Zihua hopes you all had a chance to get out on your bike this week. We have been busy with the arrival of our winter peeps. Great to connect and reconnect with past clients. Many have become friends, how cool is that!

The face of the E-bike world is changing again. General Motors have announced they are entering the E-bike space. They will be launching the HUMMER EBIKE in December. The specs will be available soon and the price is expected to be in 4K range.

The number of people using E-bikes for their daily commute is one of the fastest-growing segments in the E-bike world. This makes sense on so many fronts. No fuel costs, lower insurance costs, lower maintenance costs, depreciation, what is that. Reducing our carbon footprint, and most importantly we seem to be feeling better. Interesting.

We invite you to join us for an E-Bike tour or rental while you are here and enjoying Costa Grande. For information give us a shout 755-115-28 40 or ezeebikerental FINISH STRONG!