The E revolution is set to take another step forward

California is preparing to announce an E-bike rebate program aimed at commuters, delivering services and seniors. The government is studying what Ebikes will qualify and what rebate will apply.

There are many naysayers out there that will take the “there they go again, trying to save the planet “ talking point, and resist this program. These are the same people who freak out when they pull up to the gas pump. These are the same people who cry foul when they receive their car insurance renewal in the mail. Same people when their cars break and the mechanic presents them with the repair bill ask, how could this be soooo much?

The health benefits, both physical and mental are enough to garner support for this program. Couple that with reducing our carbon footprint, reducing our insurance costs and BOOM, BOB IS YOUR UNCLE makes this initiative make sense. Consider when we purchase a car for say $30 K. Moderate price in this space. Annual depreciation in the 25/30% range. Purchase an Ebike in the $2/$4 K range and annual depreciation in the 35/50 % range. Do the math and all of a sudden the sun begins to come up.

Kind of makes you go HMMM! My advice, TAKE THE MONEY AND RIDE.