The E-bike technology

Here is a take on the E-bike phenomenon taking place globally. As I was relaxing Saturday afternoon channel surfing I happen to stop and watch an E-automobile race. All the big brands were represented. Mercedes, Porsche, Honda, you get the idea. The investment these global players have made into the EV segment of their industry is staggering. The speed they have managed to generate with battery power is very, very impressive.

The E-bike technology while not as expensive as the car guys, it is moving along at a furious pace. Smaller more powerful batteries, longer range less memory are just some of the advancements being made. Why is this happening you might be thinking.

If you have been to the gas station lately to fill your car this is for sure one of the main factors. If you have had your second car in for maintenance leaving with a fairly large bill, another factor. If your insurance broker has sent you a renewal for your car, “whoa”, you say. As we navigate through life, the smog and pollution being generated is real. Even the conspiracy theorists are admitting we have a problem.

The search for a solution is narrowing. EV cars and E bikes are rising to meet this global challenge. There has never been a better time to send a message to the huge petroleum guys than stepping into the E-world. Bye, bye gas station, bye-bye insurance broker, bye-bye flat rate mechanic, bye-bye outrageous parking fees. HELLO E bike.

Where else can we reduce our costs, reduce our carbon footprint and at the same time have fun? Along comes the E-BIKE phenomenon. Spring is here, summer coming. Time to saddle up and hit the trail. The TEAM at E-Zee Bikes Ixtapa is ready to help you get in the game!