The decision has been made to buy/lease your first E-bike, which is very cool. YOU are going to love it.

You have a lot of questions which is normal. The choices can be overwhelming. Cruiser, off-road, street, folding, cargo, retro fat tire. Are we confused yet? Our advice is, to go slow, figure out the type of riding you will be doing then come on down to E-Zee bike Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo and test ride the different models we have available.

Now we have decided an E-bike is a way to go, we have test rode a bunch of different styles – opps, what have we forgotten? Budget! An E-bike is a big ticket purchase. Prices vary from the $500.00 range to $12K plus. Set a budget then shop at that price point. The guys at E-Zee Bikes will help you make your decision a bit easier.

The process of buying/leasing an E-bike is similar to buying a car. The biggest difference? The E-bike experience is WAY more fun. Don’t forget there will be some additional costs (aren’t there always). You will need a good helmet, regular maintenance goes a long way in protecting your investment and adding more enjoyment to your riding experience. Check with your insurance people to make sure your bike is covered under your homeowner’s policy. A quality lock is a very good investment.

Now you are ready to hit the road. A week or so goes by and you think, when was the last time I used my car? Do I miss looking for a parking spot? Am I missing filling up the car with expensive gas? If your answer is no, you nailed it.

There are many, many more advantages to E-bike riding that become apparent very quickly. If you are interested in finding out more give the E Zee bike guys a call 755-115- 28 40 or