This week marked International Bike Week. Perhaps this moment in time more than ever before marked the very viable alternative bicycle’s present to change the narrative. Globally the price of fuel has skyrocketed. Inflation has a firm grip on global economies. Traffic, no matter where we live seems to be worse this week than last. Parking if you can find it, has become another financial drain on our already strained finances. Repair costs and insurance depreciation are causing pain by 1000 cuts. All of a sudden lights are being shone on the old trusty bicycle. Tried, tested and was true. But wait! There is another relatively new option in this space. Technology has created and advanced the E-BIKE. A great way to help cut costs, soften our carbon footprint and have a POSITIVE impact on our lives. The team at E Zee Bike Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo is excited to offer both sales and rentals to help meet the needs of our community. Call us to arrange your test ride and discuss options an E-bike can add to your busy life. FINISH STRONG.