Finish strong!

As we try to navigate our way through this maze called life the only certainty is change. Some good, some bad, but for sure as our man, Bob Dylan, penned in the early 60’s, THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING. What did he know that we didn’t?

What is he talking about this week, you ask? Well, let’s just start by saying I for sure did not see the E BIKE revolution coming. People around the globe have been trying to figure out a way to live through a global pandemic. The Russia – Ukraine war has put pressure on fossil fuel prices causing many of us to seek alternatives to lessen the impact on our pocketbook. These events are only two contributing factors driving us to change our habits.

Riding an E-Bike reduces our carbon footprint. Riding an E-Bike for sure lessens the impact on our pocketbook. Riding an E-Bike contributes to our well-being and mental health. We could go on but I’m sure you’re getting the drift.

We launched E-Zee bike rentals to help us achieve the above. To say the community embraced the E Bike’s experience would be an understatement. The smiles our clients display when they return from a tour or a short-term rental have been very cool to witness.

Many of our clients have asked if we could come up with a program to offer our E- Bikes on a longer term rental/lease program. Well, we listened and are pleased to announce we will have a limited number of E-bikes available to meet our clients’ needs. Due to high demand, if this is of interest to you, please contact us for details and reservations.

We are also pleased to announce we will be planning DEMO days in the beach communities of Troncones and Barra de Potosi. If you are lucky enough to live in these areas plan on coming down, test riding our E-bikes and discuss the many benefits of E-bike ownership.

That is it for this week. Remember FINISH STRONG.