Wow, here we are in the dog days of summer. Where does the time go? I was amazed last night at how many e-bikes I saw on the trail during my evening ride. Cruisers, step through, mountain bikes, small, large, fat tire, single speed, trikes, you name it they were out on the street. The one thing they all had in common was the riders were all smiling and enjoying the experience.

There have been some significant upticks in the Ebike business. Porsche has identified E-bike as a potential revenue/profit stream. They have purchased a motor manufacturer and are busy designing components to bring their Ebike brand to the market. Mercedes has been in the game for some time. They have committed to offering well-engineered high-quality high-ticket priced bikes to the mass market soon.

What does this mean to me you might ask? Well, it means big, big serious players have taken the E revolution seriously and will be bringing a series of new E products to the market soon. Cool, very cool.

E Zee bike Ixtapa/Zihua has increased the size of our rental fleet to meet the expected demand. We are excited to offer Eco tours, hourly rentals, long-term lease arrangements and, of course, sales to our customers in the Costa Grande area.

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