This week we will discuss the 4 essentials for E-biking in hot weather. We all love to cycle when it’s warm, getting lots of Vitamin D makes us happy and content. It is also essential to look after ourselves as the heat and humidity can be dangerous.

Eating and drinking. Take plenty of water and snacks. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are excellent choices for longer-lasting energy. You may not feel hungry when it’s warm, but make sure to snack every couple of hours to keep your energy up.

Isotonic drinks are good for replacing salt and minerals we lose through sweating. Drinking water is excellent but doesn’t replace the other stuff we lose through sweat. It is nice, very nice to have a COLD beer on a warm day. Remember to drink water as alcohol tends to dehydrate us. Eat light meals often to keep energy levels up.

Sunscreen? Yes, yes, YES! Nothing to add here. If you are a bit thin on top a cap under our helmets goes a long way in avoiding a painful sunburn on your head. Sunglasses are essential. The sun’s glare even on cloudy days can damage our eyes.

Try to get out early. If possible avoid that 12:00-15:00 window. When the sun is most intense and places even more demands on our bodies, leave your bike in the shade when resting. Cover your seat with a towel, your butt will thank you. Direct sun on the battery should be avoided. E-bike batteries don’t like extreme temperatures and could lead to long-term issues. If shade is not available a small towel will cover it.

Don’t forget the bug spray. They are out there and they are waiting for us. Simple stuff? Yes. Important stuff? YES. Enjoy your ride, enjoy your life.