E-Bikes and children

The  E-Zee bike team hopes you all are well and had a terrific week. This week we will discuss E- Bikes and children. Before we start, I think we all can agree this is a complicated subject with no clear answers.

Some of the questions we receive regularly are; what age does my child have to be to ride an e-bike? Is my child large enough to handle an e-bike?  Is it safe for our child to ride an e-bike?

All valid questions. Now, this is where the situation becomes a little murky. Many provinces and states have different regulations aimed at handling the e-bike explosion. Some advise 14 is the minimum age, and some 16. Some have height restrictions. My opinion is e-bike regulations should be the same as motor scooters. This will bring consistency to the community and reduce confusion.

I will repeat this a few times, training, training and more training will ensure our children will enjoy the freedom the e-bike provides. There are many options available in the e-bike space. When the time comes to introduce our children to e-bikes let’s shop until we drop. Finding the right bike should be job one. Frame size, motor size, pedal assist, and throttle are things needed to be researched before buying or renting an e-bike for a child. 

If family fun and quality time are the end game then you are in the right spot. If you are offering our children a bit more community reach and independence, you are in the right spot. When the time comes,  go slow, research and enjoy the ride.