Diamond design E-Bikes

The biking season is upon us. Many avid cyclists have taken to the fat tire E-Bikes and are using these as their primary source of transportation. Now another question has been brought to the table. Step through vs step over known as diamond design.

Both offer advantages and of course disadvantages. The step-through (my personal favourite) allows easier on and off for the rider. This is a very good option for those of us with hip issues. The design does not allow much room for additional accessories. When you add a bell phone carrier and sometimes a water bottle holder the steering rack can become quite congested. Because of the design, these bikes tend to be heavier than conventional diamond step-over bikes. With the battery mounted under the seat post center of gravity tends to be in the center of the bike. This allows for easier handling.

The conventional diamond or step-over option offers the basic man’s bike look. The rider is in a more forward-leaning position and the downstroke can be more powerful. These bikes tend to be lighter as the frames are designed to disperse the weigh of the bike evenly.

At the end of the day, test-ride both desks. A short spin around the block will not give you the necessary feedback. Ask your bike provider if you can ride each design for an hour or so. It is a significant investment and the test ride will help you decide the best option to meet your needs,