Well, here we are nearing opening day August 2022. Where has the time gone? I have been sharing the advantages and shortcomings of E-bikes for the last few weeks. This week I would like to focus on sound business aspects of E-bike ownership. As we all know all too well, the cost of gas this summer has presented a very stern challenge to most of us. To ease this financial strain an E-bike is an affordable sensible alternative. Many folks have taken this opportunity to park their second car and in some cases primary automobile in favor of an E-bike. Changing insurance requirements from active driving to storage insurance is instant gratification. Eliminating the high fuel costs, instead gratification. Reduced maintenance costs of our autos, instant gratification. These three points alone make E-bike ownership a viable option. Now a bit harder to get a real payback view is our personal well-being. Riding an E-bike as your primary mode of transportation improves both our physical health as well as our mental health. The morning ride goes a long way in setting us up for a vibrant stress-free day. The evening ride provides us with a chance to decompress and reflect on our day. Both the visible and positive environmental impact riding our bikes presents cannot be understated. All of a sudden we are cool again. Who does not want to be cool? NOBODY. The team at E-Zee bikes is excited to provide quality E-bikes to meet your needs. Remember FINISH STRONG!