Benefits of E-Bikes

Well, we can stick a fork in another week and call it done. Time marches on and the bike season is rapidly approaching. This week we will unlock some of the obvious and no so obvious benefits of E-bikes.

We begin with our daily commute. A pain to be sure, but now there is an option. An E-bike may make your commute faster. Instead of waiting at lights, navigating through construction zones, etc. many cities and towns have created bike lanes to reduce traffic volume and help people move faster and safer.

Have you paid for monthly parking lately? The rates are staggering. Have you filled your car with gas lately? You know where this is going. How about that car insurance? Big money, big deductible and of course lousy coverage. R/M on our beautiful over priced cars. Really! Mull depreciation over for a bit. Thirty percent the first year and it only slows down in subsequent years.

While an E-bike is certainly not the end all be all to fixing our congested traffic problems, it is a baby step in that direction. I will close with a challenge. Drive your car one day, ride your bike the next. Pay close attention to how we feel. If you feel more energetic, and less stressed on car day, keep doing what you are doing. If not, leave the sucker on the driveway. It’s your call.