Benefits of an electric bike?

Is it worth getting one? Why should I get an electric bike? We get asked these questions almost every day and with good reason!

Electric bikes are one of the fastest-growing solutions to our daily transportation needs. Many people are becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint and searching for a way to reduce it.

We have put together 10 benefits of owning or renting an electric bike:

1. Good for the environment. E-bikes use zero fossil fuel. If you have been to the gas station lately you will easily recognize the economic benefits very quickly.

2. They keep you active. Some say riding an E-bike is the same as sitting in a car. Simply not true. We always have the option of as much pedaling as we wish.

3. Hills? They can be daunting for many people. With the benefit of the electric motor you may not notice the hills at all.

4. You can ride faster. This will make your commute shorter and faster.

5. They help you ride further. With. 40/50 K range discovering your environment is one of the great pleasures your bike will provide.

6. You don’t need a license. Nor do they need to be registered, taxed, or insured. Financial benefits? For sure.

7. They are fun. All we can say is TRY IT you will love it.

8. They boost our mental health. During our recent difficult times, we have come to realize how important our mental and psychological health is. E-bikes help us get a regular dose of endorphins from the regular exercise and time spent in the sun. Help us feel free and in control of our journey.

9. They are inexpensive to run. Comparing the cost of keeping a second car on the road to owning an E-bike. No contest.

10. They are trending. As the concern for our planet grows few things say I care more than riding an E-bike.

If someone offered you a path to stay healthy, make life easier and more practical and at the same time HAVE FUN, who would not embrace the opportunity?

Stay safe, and smile as we ride off into the sunset!