Advantages and disadvantages of an E-Zee Bike

Another week, another seven days closer to our Costa Grande experience. This week we will discuss both benefits and downsides of the E-bike experience.

First the advantages:
1. Replacement of a car.
2. Health and fitness.
3. Faster and easier to ride compared to a regular bicycle.
4. Medical conditions (leg pain, back pain, etc)
5. Increase distance with LESS effort. Choosing to ride an E-bike can be more inviting, which turns to increased well-being. Quality time spent with family and friends. The cool factor cannot be overstated.
6. You can explore more with less effort. Look out world we are checking you out!

Now, the downside:

1. Inconvenient to charge. After a significant ride budget 4/6 hours to recharge the battery. This means you must be prepared at all times so on the next ride you do not run out of battery. E-bikes are normally very heavy and without some battery inconvenient to ride.
2. Good E-bikes are expensive. Well-built reliable and durable E-bikes will cost approximately $2,000.00 CAD. Yes, you can purchase a lower-quality example at a cheaper price. This may present more problems in the long run than it is worth the time dealing with.
3. E-bikes are heavy. Anyone who has ridden one will know all except the high, high-end bikes are very heavy. They will weigh in at 50/75 lbs. No problema using Pedal assist or throttle, but, and there is always a but, they are no fun riding up even a small incline with no battery power.
4. Speed. Our bikes will achieve 20 MPH, maybe a bit faster with both throttle and pedal assist. The electric motor engages immediately and can cause riders to lose control if they are not familiar with the bike.
5. Replacement battery costs are extra. Samsung, Bosch, Panasonic and some Chinese battery packs will last 800/1000 cycles. This is roughly 3 years of weekly commuting. However, with less intense use, E-bike batteries have been known to achieve up to seven years performance. That being said, if you are used to driving a car this type of expense is quite common.
6. Cheap electric bikes are just that, cheap. Low-quality wheels, spokes and brakes are the most common components to fail. Remember, we get what we pay for. Sometimes that great deal is not what we signed up for.
7. E-bikes are not intended to be left in the direct sun. If exposed to direct sun this will have a very negative impact on display screens and batteries. Safe, secure parking in the shade if possible is the best option. This comes with added security risk, don’t cheap out on your bike lock.

The team at E-Zee bike asks you to consider both pros and cons before stepping up and purchasing your E-bike. We suggest test-riding all our available models prior to making your final decision. Perhaps renting a bike for a day or two prior to purchase is a prudent exercise. The process is similar to buying a car, only a lot more fun.