The Ecological Ixtapa tour starts on the bike path through the forest preserve towards Playa Linda. Stopping along the way to learn a bit about the local fauna. Stopping at the lookout at Kilometre 7.7 maybe seeing a croc in the water.

The local birds may or may not be in the area. Arriving at Playa Linda we check the cocodrilo compound. Here will will see some very large crocs, turtles and of course birds that appear to be playing Russian roulette with their croc buddies. We then continue on to Kilometer 9.7 end of the road.

Depending on the time of day and the waves may be an opportunity to watch the surfers.

Both young and not so young people enjoy the ocean in our paradise. Leaving there we find our way up the road into San Jose Ixtapa (Barrió Viejo) to explore a very cool Mexican town. We then begin our journey back to Ixtapa where our experience comes to an end. How cool is that!